Mercedes Gullwing

Biggest Midlife Crisis Ever

Mercedes GullwingI’m assuming this guy was in his 70’s, well into his 70’s. He was rather feeble.

He was driving a new Mercedes Gullwing, a stunningly gorgeous car

He was so feeble, that getting into and out of the car was sadly comical.

The cool, funky door opened to the sky.

He took his read end, braced it against the headrest of the front seat, sort of placed one leg into the car, and then just fell into it.

He moved the car into the handicapped space. I didn’t watch him go through the getting-out-of-the-car rituals.

This looked tremendously uncomfortable, even painful.

Why on earth would a man in his feeble condition have a car like this?! It’s so low to the ground!

Too much money.

Way too much!