Dis-like Button (Facebook Style_

Getting a Divorce

Dis-like Button (Facebook Style_Yes, it’s true. I’m getting a divorce: from Facebook.

We are in the “separation” phase. I’ve moved Facebook out: off of my iPad and my iPhone.

I’m no longer going to use it from my iOS devices because those apps seem oppressively laden by Facebook’s marketing machine.

So, I’m still checking my account from my computer, but I’m minimizing the number of times I check it out. I’ll miss a lot of updates from friends and colleagues, I know. And that makes me sad. But, as I posted to Facebook from my iPad over the weekend (which was my last post from that device before deleting the app), I just am over being in an abusive relationship.

As everyone who knows me already knows: I loathe advertising. When I want to purchase something, I’m capable of seeking it out. Additionally Mark’s recent jump into ultra conservative politics pisses me off. I refuse to support his greedy antics.

To clear up any confusion: when I write a post to my blog, such as this post, for example, a plugin I use will automatically send a link to my blog post as a Facebook update without my ever having to suffer with Mark’s abusive advertising. Feel free to comment and share. I’ll still see all of that.

So, at least you will be able to keep up with my little world.