Um, Isn’t That a Bobcat?

We were out walking in the headlands along the Pacific Ocean rim yesterday, showing my cousin our backyard. I was leading the pack, looking back as I was talking to them. When I turned to face the trail ahead, I saw a young bobcat about 2 feet ahead of me just off to the left of the trail.

Oh, my god! I stopped immediately.

“Isn’t that a bobcat?” I asked.

My cousin, Susan, immediately jumped behind me, grabbed both of my arms to push me in front of her like a human shield. I’m sure she was thinking, “Look at Tim. He’s tastier than I am! He would make a yummy dinner!”

We all froze on the trail as the wild beast sized us up, deciding what to do. It too was frozen, looking directly at us. I guess it decided we were not a threat to it and too big too attack as it started walking back to a clump of low-to-the-ground trees we had just passed.

I didn’t want to startle the beast or make it feel threatened by getting out my iPhone while standing a mere 24 inches from it, but once it had passed us, I took this picture just before it slipped under the brush.

It was very cute, but I had no desire to be attacked by a bobcat yesterday!


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