Zazzle Photo Bay to Breakers

Beta Breakers

Zazzle Photo Bay to Breakers
Photo by davidyuweb on Flickr

Every time I hear the name, I think of people that test beta software and try to break it.

But the name has nothing to do with that. In fact, the name really is: Bay to Breakers: the famous, annual, 30,000 people race that starts on the bay side of San Francisco and ends Oceanside, at the ocean “breakers.” Apparently it’s a huge event. Race details can be found here. The race was held yesterday (Sunday).

Today I learned that it’s also a very festive event. Large numbers of people run in costume and in the nude. Yes, you read that correctly. A few months back the city passed a law making hanging out nude in San Francisco illegal. Apparently a city council member became offended when a nude customer at a local restaurant refused to sit on a newspaper. So, the city, against great protests might I add, banned public nudity unless it was “appropriate.”

I had no idea going naked in the city wasn’t already against the law to begin with, but this is San Francisco! So, since there is a large number of people who like to run naked, the new law banning public nudity in the city specifically allows, by name even, running naked during the Bay to Breakers run.

So, if you’re bored, you can GoogleBay to Breakers nudity” and click on the images link to see pictures of all these naked people running. Warning: a good number of them are something less than attractive.

I wouldn’t mind shooting pictures of the crazy costumes, but I tend to not enjoy being in extremely large crowds of people! I hear it’s an amazing event!

While you will never catch me running naked, I think it’s hysterical and even cool (I’m sure quite literally!) that people actually do that here. Only in San Francisco!

What a place to live!