Conrad Sleeps

Vacuuming Our Cat

Conrad the Kat, also known as “Beast” and “Animaux Sauvage,” is a total fur factory. He generates more fur than any critter alive. He sheds everywhere. Enormous fur bunnies lie in his wake as he saunters around his lair. I’ve given up the idea of having fur-free dark clothes.

A colleague told me she vacuums here cat and that her cat loves it. I was desperate; so, I tried it.

To my surprise, Conrad actually loves being vacuumed! Betty was right!

Periodically I plop him up on the bed and vacuum as much hair out of him as possible.

Conrad has always been a very personable cat, very atypical for cats. And, again, unlike most cats, he loves his friend the vacuum cleaner, as you can see in this short video of him being vacuumed.