Enphase Power Plant from God (graph)

The New Killer App!

Today I had a conversation with a lady parked next to my Leaf at the free charging station at Mollie Stone (the local grocery store here in Sausalito). She had a lot of questions about driving a Leaf. She’s probably a bit older than I and made the most interesting comment:

I think electric cars are the new killer app for solar. It’s going to be the thing that finally pushes solar energy into the mainstream, that makes it an essential household item.”

You know what? I think she’s right!

We have now driven 8,000 miles without a single drop of gas. No oil. No transmission fluid.

It takes less electricity to drive a mile than is required to make enough gasoline to burn to then drive a mile.

And now that solar panels are powering our car, we basically do all of our around town driving for free.

Do you get that?

Our transportation is basically free!

Gasoline is well over $4.00 a gallon, and I simply don’t care.

BTW: Here is how much electricity our little “power plant from god” has produced since it went on line. As the days grow longer, the checks from the power company to us just get bigger!

I love it!

Enphase Power Plant from God (graph)
Lifetime Electricity Generated to Date

That’s over 2.25 megawatt hours of power production from sunshine in just about 6 months!

P.S. We now have 3 public charging stations in Sausalito.We didn’t have any when I moved here about a year ago.