East Brother Light Station

East Brother Light Station Tour

I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I really enjoy volunteering at the Point Bonita Lighthouse about once a month. Ranger Sarah, who coordinates the PoBo VIPs (Point Bonita Volunteers In the Park) recently offered everyone the opportunity to take a day trip to the East Brother Light Station. A handful of us were able to go and had a wonderful time.

I had heard about a lighthouse bed and breakfast in the San Francisco Bay (I think it’s actually in the San Pablo Bay?) and thought this might be it. Indeed! The lighthouse was restored and is preserved by a foundation that uses the bed and breakfast to keep the island ship shape.

We had a really delightful day. The bed and breakfast can accommodate about 10 people and is very popular. People can also schedule day trips to the lighthouse. All booking is done online through their website, which can be found at this link.

One of the people on the excursion is himself a lighthouse volunteer from FL, and last weekend brought his tour of numerous lighthouses on the west coast to an end.

Richard and his wife Jude are the innkeepers and are just delightful people with rich and varied life and professional experiences. Richard gave us all a tour of the station and even blasted the old fog signal for us.

I highly recommend at least a day trip visit if not an overnight stay at the bed and breakfast. We certainly all had a wonderful time!

I shot this 7 minute iPhone video of the fog horn demonstration.

And here is a slideshow of photos from the day. (Mouse over the slideshow to see the control buttons: full screen or not, stop/start, turn audio on/off, etc. And, regrettably, despite how much $$ I pay them every month, mediatemple’s server performance is less than speedy with my slideshows, especially in full screen under certain rather common circumstances—too boring to go into.)