Sausalito Sailing Timelapse

Ahh! Spring in Sausalito…

I’ve been striving to master timelapse and have a long way to go!

But here is a timelapse (for study purposes: what happens when…) shot from my office window. When time is sped up, you can see patterns in the wind on the bay. And when everyone got off work they went out on their boats! The little sail boats are all swirling about in patterns like a choreographed dance (choreographed by the wind).

Unfortunately, I had to leave the camera completely unattended in the last half of the shoot and therefore didn’t get to adjust the iso up as the brightness decreased. This provides an interesting ending effect, but I suspect the timelapse could have continued for a good bit longer had the adjustments been made.

At any rate, you can see that we live in a generally windy area!

(Oh, and did you see the top of the UPS truck near the beginning? I didn’t either until I tried to figure out why I had a spike in luminance values!)