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Crazy Imaginative!

I have been wondering: wouldn’t it be possible to have multiple 360º panoramas (pole panos would be best) in relatively close proximity to one another and actually fly a virtual camera (using pan, tilt, zoom) through that 3D space creating the illusion of free flight through space, moving, as needed, between panoramic spheres.

Then, today, I discovered this: hyperlapse.

Totally crazy awesome!

These can be created using Google Street View! You simply choose your start point, end point, and directional view in your browser, and the software creates the hyperlapse. The code is available for more elaborate creations. This technique is beyond anything I ever thought would be possible with imagery from Google Earth!

I’ve played with this on my Mac (You must use Firefox as your browser. Despite what their website says about Chrome, it doesn’t work right now on a Mac for a specific technical reason.) and actually created a short video from Google’s Street View of downtown Sausalito.

But hyperlapse presented first (below) is the best.

You simply must check it out, and then you can check out the short one I made.

And here’s my little contribution:

Sausalito Play Button

Numerous example exist. Then people are spinning camera angles around objects using multiple shots from different angles. It’s just all crazy, wild and amazingly creative stuff!