Nodal Ninja R1 Lens Setting

San Francisco Bay Entrance As Seen from Fort Rathbone

Yesterday I went out to shoot some more pole panoramas using a different lens (my favorite panorama lens, Canon’s EF 8-15mm fisheye) which requires a completely different mounting system (read: different hardware than what I used day before yesterday and the different settings that accompany that lens and mount).

For my future reference:

Nodal Ninja R1 Lens Setting
Settings I Used for the R1 and EF 8-15mm

The settings to minimize parallax for this setup are shown in the photo to the right. I shot 15º up every 30º on the horizontal and then 12.5º down. Each pano included 3 nadir shots using the nadir adapter. (God I love that adapter!) Shadow management worked well with my standing on opposite sides of the pole shadow for the same (duplicate) shot and a third with a different rotation. Once the fog rolled in, there were no shadows about which to worry. Also, I found that I get vastly improved blending results when using the Enblend plugin in PTGui. The downside is that the plugin takes forever when processing the 24+ camera raw images.

The Shoot

The weather was initially very calm and warm, but, as happens here in the headlands, that changed very quickly. The fog was initially in the distance over the ocean. When I left, the area was completely socked in.

The fog caused tremendous change in the brightness of the images on the top row (very little to no fog at all) versus the bottom row of shots (an enormous increase in the fog). So, even though I only shot 2 panos, I’m presenting 3. The second and third are the same pano just with the sky from the top row in one and the bottom row of shots used for sky in the other. The ground shots were all the same (considerably darker on one side)… with a foggy sky.

Shooting in both of these locations was a bit unnerving. I just don’t think a person would survive falling from the edge at this height, and the wind caught the pole by surprise a couple of times. I stood as close to the edge as I could dare!

Location One (Facing East)

Rathbone-pano play button


Location Two without fog (Facing South)

Rathbone - South Edge pano play button (little fog)


Location Two with fog rolling in (Facing South)

Rathbone - South Edge pano play button (with fog)