I Would Be Remiss…

Equalityif I didn’t note the significance of this day (along with tomorrow) in our nation’s ongoing struggle with civil rights for all Americans.

As the SCOTUS hears arguments (today) in the case centered around marriage equality for all American adults and the Defense of Marriage Act (tomorrow) I pause to reflect, uncertain that the court will decide to do the right thing by taking the moral high ground.

With notable exceptions (only because of the level of noise they generate) the American people stand on the side of fairness, of equality. The change of America’s heart I’ve watched unfold around this issue has rather astounded me. The exceptions seem to be those religious fanatics that demand that everyone live by their narrow religious bigotries—no wonder their memberships and funding levels are dropping so significantly; they are completely out of touch with our society, our culture. And rather than revisit their narrow thinking, like the 2012 election, they insist the poles are lying. Theirs is just not a mentally healthy space in which to live.

I am a bit grateful to the religious extremists for forcing this issue, for certainly, their efforts to fight equal treatment under the law have contributed significantly to our arriving at this historic day. I find religious oppression to be what it is. If it only hurt those people who chose that repressive lifestyle, I would have little issue with it. But as they use their bully pulpit to harm others, I stand firmly against their efforts. Religious extremists fought against racial equality, women’s equality, and now equality for gay Americans. In my opinion, their arguments show the shallowness of their faith practice.

Being raised in the deep south in the 60’s I grew up watching racial prejudice up close and in person. Perhaps because of those experiences I loathed it. I loathe prejudice now, in any repressive form it takes.  I’ve never made a secret of my support for equality. Equality is the right thing to do.

In my mind, no legitimate argument exists to defend mistreating people on the basis of race, sex, or sexual orientation. Righting this wrong has been long overdue.

This is an important day.

Fingers crossed.