Right Side of Bay Pano

Beautiful Sunrise over a Fog-Filled Bay

To say this morning’s sunrise was stunning would be an understatement. Early on I could tell the quiet display was going to be spectacular; so, I ran for my camera.

Presented below is an unusual panoramic projection for me. I chose this projection (the way the pano actually is presented in your browser) because it gives a better sense of the view from the bedroom window. To present the view more as the eye actually sees it, I shot this pano at 200mm.

Here is what you are seeing:

  • The left side is North and the right is East, South-East. Directly across the bay is East. The sun will be directly across the bay, in the center of this pano, during mid summer. You can get oriented using the map below.
  • Left Side of Bay Pano
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    The tree tops seen on the left, protruding from the fog, are the top of Belvedere Island (about 2 miles away as the crow flies). The hill just behind those tree tops is Tiburon (about 2.5 miles away as the crow flies). The hint of mountains well behind those hills is Sulphur Springs Mountain [I think…??] (about 25 miles via crow).
  • The center area of the pano shows the hills behind Richmond (just off center to the left, about 10 miles away as the crow flies) and the hills behind Berkley (just off center to the right, about 14 miles away as the crow flies).
  • Right Side of Bay Pano
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    The island that appears to be in the middle of the bay (It isn’t. It’s much closer to us and much further from Berkley.) is Angel Island (about 3.5 miles away).
  • The mountain in the distance on the extreme right is Mount Diablo (about 35 miles away as the crow flies).
  • Oakland is to the right, just outside the view of the pano.

Between the dirty bedroom windows and the stark contrast in brightness of the sun from shot to shot, the blending of the shots isn’t perfect even though I used the computationally intense enblend algorithm. But this pano is well worth seeing.

Enjoy a moment of zen.

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Field of View (Google Earth North Bay)
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