Horse's Ass

Showing His Posterior for All to See

Horse's AssTook me a while to get to this post: Once upon a time I thought John McCain was basically a respectable guy. He promoted himself as “the maverick” that bucked the political establishment. Turns out, he actually sees himself as the political establishment, and nobody is going to buck him.

Rarely do we see the true character of public figures, only what their marketing machinery shows us.

But John has played his hand over the past several years. When running for president, he had a shotgun wedding to the lunatic conservative religious cooks. (This screamed “fraud” to me immediately.) His first decision as a Presidential want-to-be was to place that Sarah Palin crackpot on the national stage. (My goodness, I thought she would never fade away. Finally!!)

Angry John McCainBut, most recently, we have seen another side of McCain: he’s a mean-spirited, spiteful, arrogant man. He clearly showed this side of his character during his failed efforts to block Chuck Hagel‘s senate confirmation for Secretary of Defense. Because, years ago now, Hagel had very good reason to disagree with McCain over Iran war policy (the surge), McCain gave him hell, even though, perhaps truly because they were both Republicans and Hagel dared to disagree with McCain. McCain was rude, petty, and angry.

McCain is truly a has been now. The good people of Arizona need to send him home in the next election.

What a petty, small-minded man, John McCain. No one dare disagree with him.

He would have made a horrendous, self-indulgent president.