TiVo Remote

Cleanest Remote on Earth

TiVo RemoteEvery Friday morning begins wash day. As I was pulling the sheets out of the washing machine I heard an unexpected sound. The remote control for the TiVo fell out of the washing machine and onto the floor.

O dreadful! I inadvertently had scooped up the remote in the sheets and washed it!

The batteries had fallen out and were found, along with the back battery compartment door, in among the sheets as they were being tossed into the drier.

This was not good!

I took the remote and used my hair drier on it, taking care to blow the warm air into the inside of the battery compartment.

I let it sit in the brightest room in the house all day.

Friday evening, I put in fresh batteries and gave the remote control a test, fully expecting it to have died as a result of its ordeal.

Amazingly, it seems to work just fine!

I’m still shocked!