Russian Traffic

Russian Drivers

Russian TrafficWhen I was in Moscow, I was terrified! I even blogged about it at the time. The Russians drive like flaming bats out of hell!!

In Moscow they were driving on the sidewalks, on the shoulders of the roads (no matter the potholes the size of trucks), any where they could fit and as fast as they could drive. The traffic was the worst I’ve seen anywhere in the world!

The video, of the recent comet explosion, from all of the car dash cams is amazing. The cars we were in while visiting Russia didn’t have dash cams. I see why one would need one! This compilation of dash cam video is but a taste of what driving in Russia is like.

Watch as much as you can stand before you start quaking in terror. (I was especially shocked by the man who was stuck while crossing the road, rolled up onto the hood, cracked the windshield, and then walked away as if this was a daily sort of event!)

These folks are nutzo!

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