Russian Drivers

When I was in Moscow, I was terrified! I even blogged about it at the time. The Russians drive like flaming bats out of hell!! In Moscow they were driving on the sidewalks, on the shoulders of the roads (no matter the potholes the size of trucks), any where they could fit and as fast as they could drive. The… Continue reading


I’ve been seeing a lot of Tesla Model S’s on the road around Sausalito and Marin County. Sharp looking cars! As a huge proponent of EVs (electric vehicles), this, of course makes me very happy. Less oil. The less the better! I don’t know what the motivation was for John Broder’s, @NYTimes, review that appears to have flat out lied… Continue reading

Upscale Laundromat

A bistro? A trendy bar? Nope… a laundromat  in Barcelona called Splash, designed by Frederic Perers. Laundromats didn’t look like this when I had to use them! (Jeeze, that seems like a lifetime ago!)   Source: Laundromat Looks Just Like a Nightclub   Related articles Lounge-Like Laundromats – Wasbar Lets You Get a Haircut and a Drink While Your Clothes… Continue reading

The Petro Vlahos Legacy

Petro Vlahos died on February 10, 2013. His work, in many ways, defines modern visual effects in the film today. Among other things, Petro Vlahos is known for refining green (and blue) screen film technology for the Motion Picture Research Council by adding motion control cameras with traveling mattes. This stuff fascinates me. For those who may not be familiar… Continue reading