Sad Day for Tim…

eyebrowsToday, I officially admit defeat.

I accept my destiny.

Here-to-for I plucked them out periodically, then once a month, a week, daily…

Now, if I were to remove all of my wisdom hairs (those thick, extra coarse, extra long, colorless, old man eye brows) I would virtually have no eyebrows remaining.

I now just use a comb and my beard trimmer: comb through them and chop off the really long ones.

To color or not to color… Nah, too much effort!

UPDATE: And no! The picture is NOT me!!

2 thoughts on “Sad Day for Tim…”

  1. Welcome to slightly older than middle age. I think on my next birthday they officially refer to me as elderly.

  2. Well, poo! Internet technology defeats me again. This is getting embarrassing. I suppose I may be embedded in some blog somewhere in N-space.

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