Radisson Blu Lobby on Mercer Street

Northern Lights: Day 4 – The London Plague

Well, it was on this day that I got sick, and I mean I got the plague! The chest cold quickly migrated into a head cold as well, all with the worst level of congestion I recall ever having! Not fun at all! I spent the day in bed, sick.

So, a few details about the London hotel, the Radisson Blu (Edwardian, Mercer St.): I do not recommend this hotel at all! The people and the service were fine, but two significantly negative issues stood out so much as to spoil my memory of the place.

Upon check in, the clerk made a point to say this was their largest room. I thought maybe it was an upgrade, hence the mention of the room’s size. Holy Cow! If this is their largest room, I simply shudder to think that a room could be any smaller! Walking around the bed was absurdly tight! The coffee pot and glasses, the hair drier and mirror, etc., were all inside the closet along with the safe. The bathroom was uncomfortably small. This looked nothing like the pictures on their website!

Another guest was overheard raising her voice at how unsatisfactorily small her room was. She was most displeased, and who could blame her! I suspect this was the smallest hotel room in which I have ever stayed, even smaller than a room I once had in Paris.

But my second complaint was even more strongly felt. The lobby, which was otherwise perfectly fine, had an intensely heavy perfumed smell in it. Upon checkin, I thought someone must have broken an entire bottle (or two) of perfume and spilled it all into the carpet. The pungent smell was so overwhelming as to be asphyxiating! However, the smell was intentional, apparently, as it never was any less overwhelming during the entire stay. I would literally take as deep a breath as possible while outside and try to make my way into the elevators before having to breathe. I would use a side entrance/exit when it was unlocked (though the smell was still inescapable there). The intensity of the smell was truly horrible, horrible, horrible!

Radisson Blu Lobby on Mercer Street
On My Throne in the Radisson Blu Lobby on Mercer Street before I Had to Run Out and Breathe