Sad Day for Tim…

Today, I officially admit defeat. I accept my destiny. Here-to-for I plucked them out periodically, then once a month, a week, daily… Now, if I were to remove all of my wisdom hairs (those thick, extra coarse, extra long, colorless, old man eye brows) I would virtually have no eyebrows remaining. I now just use a comb and my beard… Continue reading

How Long Is Too Long?

When you call an 800 number for technical support, how long should you be expected to remain on hold until someone talks to you to solve your problem? I’m rebuilding my hard drive, a necessary nuisance with computers; so, I’m in the process of reinstalling all of my software, and I have a lot of software. I went to reinstall… Continue reading

Quick Trip to West Hollywood!

This weekend we made a quick overnight trip to LA to meet up with friends, who also flew into the city of angels, to see a play. The trip, though short, was special. Seeing my dear friend, Mark, was wonderful. We haven’t seen each other in years, and he’s had a very difficult year but looks none the worse for… Continue reading

Wow! I Wasn’t Prepared for That!!

I have been looking forward to hearing Michael Tilson Thomas conduct the San Francisco Symphony’s performance of Peer Gynt, which he did (well, kinda—sorta) last night. I say “kinda—sorta” because the performance was not at all what I was expecting: the performance of Grieg‘s two four-movement symphonic suites. Instead, this was a production, a play, a bit of an extravaganza!… Continue reading

Some New Concepts

Do you know that feeling when you hear or read something that just offends something about your sense of fair play, but you don’t take the time to tease out the details? You just know in your gut something is wrong. Fred Clark‘s recent post*, well, yesterday’s, put a tidy label on some concepts that I’ve had a difficult time… Continue reading


I have to say that I hate the fact that everywhere we now go is more of the same old same old. Every major international airport on the planet is like every other major international airport: forcing passengers to suffer through the duty free malls of the same pile of mess from the same old transglobal corporations. If I’m forced… Continue reading

Northern Lights: Day 12 – Amsterdam Travel Day

Fortunately, I was able to travel today. I must rave about the hotel in which we stayed in Amsterdam: One of the Sofitel Legend Hotels, The Grand. You can read more about the hotel’s history, dating back to the 1400’s, at this link. The service, accommodations, decoration, styling and design are magnificent. When you read about the building’s amazing history,… Continue reading

Northern Lights: Days 6 – 11 – Plague

The Polar Night Half Marathon went off without issue and even featured some nice fireworks at the start and finish. The bars were open until late (or early…). From the hotel restaurant area, I could see some of the festive town streets. They were simply gorgeous in the holiday lights, snow, and ice! Tromsø is such a quaint town inside… Continue reading

Northern Lights: Day 5 – Travel Day to Norway

Pumped full of drugs, today I traveled to Oslo and then on to Tromsø. The car ride from the airport into Tromsø proper was interesting. I’ve never before experienced a roundabout deep inside a mountain tunnel! They also have intersections in the tunnel as well. The view from the hotel room was wonderful! You can see my favorite cathedral, The… Continue reading