Deer Fence

We Survived the Storms!

Deer Fence
Hard to see, I know. Click to enlarge.

I’m not too sure how much rain fell over the past 3 days, but it seemed to be of Biblical proportions. One of our friends posted that his dog, Madison, was upset she wasn’t going to be allowed on the arc because she had been neutered.

When the rain is pounding, you can hardly hear anything in the house but the rain. The skylights make for a loud sounding board. And, the roof has no attic space; so, it too is loud!

The wind gusts were also astonishing. I woke up in the night last night. The whole house was rumbling. I thought we were experiencing an earthquake. It was just the wind!

Before it got too dark last night we noticed that the back gutters on the house were stopped up, and waterfalls were gushing from the roof. A lake was forming behind the house—not good for a house that sits on a concrete slab. Fortunately, the French drain around the house was able to handle the massive amount of water before it got close to the doors and walls.

This morning I noticed that the deer fencing (8 feet tall metal pipes covered in plastic) had fallen over from the wind. The deer fence is so thin, so light, you can barely even see it! Yet, it had apparently caught enough wind to literally bend the metal on one of the poles!

I climbed up on the roof and cleared out the drain pipes for the gutters. In many ways, this was a spectacular show in and of itself. I also fixed the deer fence.

What a storm!