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3 Hours in the Dentist Chair!

Jack Hammer Workers in mouthI swear, I have good oral hygiene! But suddenly the old teeth are falling apart! Yesterday was not good!

Grinding, drilling, sawing, pushing and pulling, squeezing, impressions, shots, suction, air blasts, the water gun thingie, horrid bitter tastes…

O dear god in heaven!

Now, I’ve always hated dentists until my more recent adult life. My new dentist in San Francisco (recommended to me by my dentist in LA—who walked on water) is really a nice guy. Gorgeous office. A dentist chair with one whale of a view.

Dude knew not to cause me any pain. I make this explicitly clear. (I think he could tell I would have thrown him and his assistant both through that floor to ceiling wall of glass on the sixth floor!) So he loaded me up with happy juice and a pair of dark sunglasses. I put on my earbuds and cranked up the “I ain’t gonna feel nothin'” playlist on my iPhone!

Pneumatic Jack Hammer Chiseling ConcreteI didn’t feel a thing! But, he needs to at least pitch the drill to the music I’m listening to at any given time. I mean, for real! That bone conduction is loud! Made the jazz sound more like a Charles Ive piece.

I was so totally out of it! This is the first time that the entire left side of my face was numb! My eyelids (left side) were numb and felt 3 times their normal size. (Amazingly, they actually weren’t, but I swear they felt like they were!)

Near the end he gave me 4 Advil to start to reduce inflammation. I couldn’t even tell they were in my mouth and that half of the water I poured in my mouth went all over the floor. It was a miracle I didn’t choke to death on those pills.

Two crowns and 3 fillings after years and years of “everything looks perfect!” I actually think I bit down on something that cracked these two opposing teeth. 🙁

I was worried that I may never be able to open my mouth again. (I literally couldn’t open it after the 3 hour brutal ordeal was done.) But, in time, as the deadening all wore off, everything feels and seems to work just fine. Hoping he did a really good job!

Now I have to go back for the permanent crowns in a month.

Getting old is just no fun!

And, excuse me! Where was the tooth fairy last night?!!Tooth Fairy

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