Fog Over Sausalito

With a Vengeance

Fog Over SausalitoThe past two days have been hotter than blazes here! I mean, for real hot—not our usual 72º hot! I’m talking about 94 and 95º! This is an outrage!

The house has air conditioning, a rarity in these parts, but none in my office. I’ve been melting! I have moved the 5 fans and blown the cool air from the remainder of the house toward my office (which has been unmercifully hot). I’ve managed to stay alive, barely.

Then, a miracle happened just after noon today.

The wind started blasting through the trees. Suddenly the fog began pouring over the mountain, over the house, filling up the bay. Now I can’t see a thing! The intensity of the fog and the ferocious wind have covered the street with water, as if it were raining!


Wonderful, divine coolness.

Fans off. Air conditioner off. Windows back open.

I’m beginning to congeal into a semi solid once again.

Where is my long sleeve shirt…

All is right with the world.