Deep Imagination (cover image)

The Power of Imagination

Deep Imagination (cover image)
Image from The Art of Infinity Ambient Music Project,
Deep Imagination

I’ve always believed that our lives assume a higher purpose and meaningfulness when we strive to make the world around us just a little bit better than we found it—when we empower human potential for good, when we find new and unexpected meaningfulness in familiar patterns. The cumulative affect of this simple approach to living can propel humanity forward in profound ways.

The prophets who live among us, and I do believe prophets exist today, are those who:

  • are deeply in touch with their capacity to imagine “a better”
  • can share this better way of being, of living, of making the world around us just a little bit better, by highlighting how our souls delight in empowerment, in living more fully, in finding ways to create possible, create beauty, and create potential
  • deeply respect, recognize and celebrate the interconnectedness of life, resources and time

Ancient prophets typically spoke of gloom and doom, of judgement, catastrophe, and the angry god(s). Many would-be prophets today, especially in the realm of religion and the politics of religion and money, do the exact same thing. They attempt to make the world better (mostly for themselves) through fear by preying on human superstitions and vulnerability. They see humanity drowning in the half empty glass. These doomsayers live a particularly selfish life of self-loathing that they try to force on everyone around them. It’s just such an ugly way to be in this world.

The seers, they don’t see the glass half full. They don’t see the glass at all. They see the water assuming new and unexpected states of being that free it to become more beautiful.

I’ve been very fortunate to know many seers in my lifetime.

The Back Story

I’ve spent a good bit of time in the past few weeks learning about a rather specialized set of skills. Having virtually no prior knowledge in this area at all, I’ve been forced to search the internet, find forums and groups that have these skills and are creating tools to accomplish these tasks. As these are all international groups, questions, solutions, and information are frequently posted in other languages.

Who could ever have imagined that, even though I only speak/read/write English, I would be able to participate in these groups with little or no language barrier! Well, the brilliant seers at Google did. By creating algorithms from words in government patent filings, they translate, with a stunning level of accuracy, from one language to dozens of other languages in literally a split second. The power of imagination.