My Favorite ecco Shoes

Goodbye, Old Friend!

My Favorite ecco ShoesThis is a sad, sad day! I’m distraught!

Do you have old clothes that become like good friends? They stick with you through thick and thin for years, and years?

That’s how I feel about these shoes. They are ecco shoes I bought 10 years ago: back in January of 2002 along with several pairs of black SmartWool socks—all from The Walking Company in Lenox Mall, Atlanta. I had no idea what future would hold for me at the time I made these purchases.ecco Shoes Bottom Wear and Tear - Heal

These shoes and socks are unparalleled in comfort. I’ve loved them so much, I wear them as often as possible. I even bought a brown pair of the shoes and just discovered they make the SmartWool socks in brown (ordering those after this post!). These days I literally live in my ecco Tracks and SmartWools, virtually every single day of my life!

I didn’t know 10 years ago that I would walk all around in these shoes and socks throughout: Australia, the Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, the Cayman Islands, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hispaniola, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Catania, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Norway, Puerto Rico, Russia, St. Maarten, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, Vatican City, and Vietnam. I just had no clue.

ecco Shoes Bottom Wear and TearI’ve literally worn the bottoms completely off of the shoes. The tops are perfectly fine. The shoes are still perfectly comfortable. I’ve even explored gluing the bottoms back on but am told they will not stay. And while the bottoms can be replaced, they are not replaced with the originals. The replacement is much harder and completely changes the walk of the shoe. I just can’t bring myself to throw them away! (Is this weird?! I feel like we’ve been through too much together!)

So, I’ve replaced them with a new pair of ecco Track 6 GTX Plain Toe Tie model 522004 Black on Black Orion-Oil Nubucks. I haven’t worn them yet. Their toe is not as cool a design as my originals.

May they live long and prosper, walking with me through more as-yet-unexplored treks across this earth.

My new ecco shoes
My new ecco shoes