Sausalito Weeping Willow Tree Pano Play Button

Downtown Sausalito Weeping Willow Tree

I’m not completely pleased with this pano, but it’s still very interesting: the little planet fly in from the top of the tree, the fog in the bay engulfing San Francisco, the peaceful water…

I shot this for HDR, and it’s been impossible to shoot the weeping willow with completely still branches/clusters of leaves. At the very least, the smallest of breezes is always coming off of the bay, gently blowing the leaves. When you shoot an HDR image, you shoot at least three identical images at different exposures. If everything is not completely still between the three shots, you get ghosting in the final merged image. This pano has a bit of ghosting.

But I love the initial little planet fly in view with the tree, creating a very cool visual effect.


Sausalito Weeping Willow Tree Pano Play Button