Animal Crackers Box of Cookies

A Blast from My Childhood Past

I saw these at our neighborhood grocery store, Mollie Stone, this evening. I had to buy one for old times sake. They even still have the cloth string across the top!

We would walk barefoot up to Harlie’s Meat Market to buy goodies. My sister and I especially loved the snow cones! I think they were a nickel back in the day.

A couple of years ago, at a funeral, Mother actually ran into Harlie’s wife, who worked at the Meat Market. She knew she recognized her but couldn’t place from where. Finally, she approached her:

“I know you from someplace.”

“Yes, you look very familiar to me, too.”

… “What did your husband do for a living?” [Notice the lack of asking what she did for a living–very dated.]

“We ran a little grocery store on Davis Highway…”

And then both said at the same time: “Harlie’s Meat Market.”

“Why yes! I remember your two children.”

Animal Crackers Box of Cookies

I especially liked the animal cracker cookies because they weren’t too sweet.