It’s the Hypocrisy That Slays Me


I really don’t mind people who disagree with me. I don’t mind the fact that they have different, even oppositional, ideas or beliefs from mine. I honestly do not. People are entitled to their own thinking, beliefs, ideas, thoughts.

But I am completely disgusted with hypocrisy. It just sends me over the very edge!

Disagree with me, but don’t be a hypocrite about the things you say and do.

Here’s the free speech argument I can not respect: Don Cathy can say whatever he wants with no financial repercussions from his patrons. He is being persecuted for his religion. No, I choose not to spend my money at his restaurant because he wants to use profit from my money to force other people to live by his religious beliefs.

I don’t care who Don Cathy is married to, his first wife, his second, third… his first husband, second, third. I don’t care if he sets out on a mission to sleep with every man or woman in Atlanta, GA. That’s all his business. I don’t care what he believes as long as he keeps it to himself, but he uses his money coercively. He, and most evangelicals have crossed a line. They want to force the public to live by their private values. No! Not in this country. Not in my lifetime. Put your ideas on the table for people to honestly discuss and embrace or disregard. And when people walk away from your ideas, leave them alone.

The hypocrisy of the extremist, religious wing nuts driven by their agenda: we can demand boycotts of J.C. Penny, Ellen Degeneres, DC Comics, Electronic Arts, Marvel Comics, The Lifetime Network, Toys R Us, Starbucks, and on and on for exercising their rights to free speech—all of which they have done. That’s our right! But don’t you dare try to do the same. This quotation sums it up nicely,

Why do conservatives think it is government’s job to regulate morality but not government’s job to regulate businesses, education, trade, housing, the financial markets, and health care?”

OK, I am going to do my best to stop venting over all of this, at least for a while.