Biblical Marriage

Beautiful Packaging and Brilliant Marketing

I personally find the way businesses package products to be of interest. Packaging can sell a product or keep it on the store shelf.

Take religion—really big business: today’s purveyors of religion package the Bible. They co-opt the concepts of “biblical” on numerous issues. Yet, they pick and choose what each package looks like. They market their agenda with carefully considered packaging.

So, let’s use a really good graphic to actually, really, truly show 8 different ways the Bible defines marriage—and yes, there are at least 8.

Biblical Marriage
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Now you know what “Biblical marriage” really looks like when it’s taken out of its agenda-driven packaging. So, yep, the fundies pick and choose. Just like everyone else. They have redefined biblical marriage.

I suspect that most god-fearing people just assume that they live godly, biblical lives. If they aren’t cheating on their wives, and many of them do, then they just assume their’s is the biblical definition of marriage. It’s just so easy.

I suspect that fundamentalists are only referring to one of the Bible’s many definitions of marriage: the example in the top left, Man + Woman (nuclear family). Are they really endorsing stoning any woman who is not a virgin when she marries and banning divorce? Really? I mean, come on people.

Please, know what you are saying when you jump on the bandwagon of these extremist soundbites! (And I have no doubt these extremists will ban divorce the first chance they get! It’s just further down the list of priorities.)

Graphic Source: ORIGINAL: By Unicorn Booty. Found on his friend’s Facebook wall by John Hlinko. I found it on Facebook which took me to Upworthy.