Fair and Balanced

Fair and Balanced

Fair and BalancedLet’s talk fair and balanced for a minute, because fair and balanced can’t exist right now.

When you see a large bully beating the living hell out of a small kid who has reached the point of being incapable of defending himself, you don’t run up to the fight and ask each side to present their case in any effort to be fair and balanced.

You stop the fight.

The most important thing in that moment is stopping the fight. You have to prevent the small kid from being beaten to death.

Fairness is protecting the kid who is getting the living hell beat out of him.

The next step is still not to hear both sides in any effort to be fair and balanced.

You take care of the hurt small kid next.

You make sure he’s OK. You make certain his needs are met. He’s presently in no condition to be able to even think about articulating his side of the story. He’s dazed, confused, and could be seriously injured.

Fair and balanced has been the biggest myth perpetrated by any “news organization” with its own political agenda that basically acts like the PR firm for the Republican party.

I say the first step right now is to save the middle class from having the living hell beat out of it. Then we get the middle class back on its feet. Then we hear both sides of the story. Oh, but both sides of the story never get reported any more in this corporately-own media landscape.

We can’t possibly hear all sides of an argument.