Fort Point Central Courtyard Play Button

Interior Courtyard of Fort Point

Yes, I admit, I’ve been on a pano-making extravaganza! If you’ve read the previous posts, you know that the sistoid unit was here for 2 weeks, and we walked all over the earth around here. I shot a lot of panos. More are yet to come!

This pano shows the interior courtyard inside Fort Point. The Golden Gate Bridge was built atop the historic fort. The fort is really interesting, and I highly recommend a visit; however, no matter how hot it is outside, take a jacket. It’s freezing in this place, especially on the windy top! The museum is really cool.

A common question: How do you shoot places without all of the people in them? I don’t. People are in almost every pano I shoot, but I take them out by shooting multiple shots of the exact same area after the people move. It’s easy but time-consuming.

I’m now rather fond of starting my panos from the top and then having them swoop to the middle. It seems to make them interesting and hopefully lets people know they can look anywhere they wish to look in the 360º pano.

Fort Point Central Courtyard Play Button