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@Delta: My “Love” But Mostly “Hate” Relationship with a Crappy Airline

Delta LogoAccording to Delta‘s CEO at the beginning of the safety video you’re forced to watch when you’re lucky enough to get a somewhat newer plane, Delta has valued honesty/integrity and good customer service since its founding. This simply has not been my experience with Delta.

Just over a year ago I flew over 10,000 miles in Australia. I chose to fly Virgin Australia because Delta advertises (still to this day) in their Sky Magazine that Virgin Australia is both a SkyMiles Partner and a Code Share Partner. This means if you use Virgin Australia you will earn “SkyMiles” toward future flights on Delta.

Turns out this advertisement is simply not true. Delta lies about this.

When I applied for the miles and sent them all of the documentation they requested; they denied the miles requested, claiming they do not give skymiles for Virgin Australia flights. Since this was a new affiliation with Virgin Australia, I thought there might be some confusion on their end and wrote back to Delta (both the person who sent me the letter and one of the Vice Presidents) citing their Sky Magazine’s claim that they do give skymiles for Virgin Australia flights. I did not even receive the basic courtesy of a reply to my letter. 

Now, not even acknowledging a customer’s letter at all?! That’s just deplorable customer service!

When I then called, the person with whom I spoke at the Diamond Support Desk couldn’t understand why the SkyMiles team would deny this. This person placed me on hold and talked to someone in the SkyMiles group. Upon returning to me, her answer was the same: they don’t give miles for flights taken on Virgin Australia even though they advertise in their own Sky Magazine that they do give miles for flights on Virgin Australia.

Delta SkyMagazine
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The current SkyMiles magazine even has both words in their entirety: Virgin Australia.

She suggested that I send a scan of Delta’s own Sky magazine page advertising that they do give miles and stated that if I had booked my flights through the Delta website I would have gotten the miles. What?! Nowhere is that indicated as a requirement or even a suggestion!

As far as I am concerned, Delta has no integrity and really, really deplorable customer service. I now fly Delta as little as possible. I’m just using up all of my SkyMiles to cost them as much money as I can.

Yesterday, I took a Delta flight from MSP to SFO. As has become typical of Delta’s limited and inferior first class section, we had no entertainment system–none at all! The hot water makers for coffee and tea were not working. The oven for meal service was not working. My god, was I on some 3rd world airline?! Would the engines continue to work?

The flight attendant, in an effort to keep first class from staging a mutiny, gave everyone a $50 voucher and 5,000 bonus SkyMiles!


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their gesture. But I can’t get the 10,000 miles their advertisements said I would get for taking numerous flights on their partner airlines, Virgin Australia, but they will give me 5,000 SkyMiles because I didn’t get an omelet?

My god, Delta! You are soooo screwed up! If I didn’t value my time, I would sue your sorry ass for a slam dunk win. Instead, have you noticed I hardly ever fly your crappy airline any more except when I use my 1,000,000+ miles to pay for the flights.

No integrity, horrible customer service, crappy old planes, unsuitable first class sections that are too small, over-sold flights. I say, “Hit them where it hurts! Avoid flying Delta Airlines!”

4 thoughts on “@Delta: My “Love” But Mostly “Hate” Relationship with a Crappy Airline”

  1. I am with you, Dr. T! We have been boycotting Delta for some time, so we are NOT feeling any love for Delta!

  2. I’d avoid them if I could. But my experiences with United and American are even worse.

  3. My daughter is flying Delta in September to see her grandparents. Hope it’s a good experience as she’s flying unaccompanied as a minor! Delta was the only airline with a non-stop to Tallahassee!

    1. Wow, Donna! How quickly time flies. Flying can hardly go wrong when you’re her age! She will have a blast. Delta took excellent care of my mother when she flew out to LA to visit. (That’s the sliver of the “love” in my love/hate relationship with Delta.) [smile]

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