Final Fort Point Pano: The East Tower

One of the things I found curious about these panos shot at Fort Point is that you can actually see the tide starting to go out. The water from the bay is brownish. I’m told it goes 6 miles out to sea before the currents bring the same water back into the bay area. Odd.… Continue reading

Interior Courtyard of Fort Point

Yes, I admit, I’ve been on a pano-making extravaganza! If you’ve read the previous posts, you know that the sistoid unit was here for 2 weeks, and we walked all over the earth around here. I shot a lot of panos. More are yet to come! This pano shows the interior courtyard inside Fort Point. The Golden Gate Bridge was… Continue reading

@Delta: My “Love” But Mostly “Hate” Relationship with a Crappy Airline

According to Delta‘s CEO at the beginning of the safety video you’re forced to watch when you’re lucky enough to get a somewhat newer plane, Delta has valued honesty/integrity and good customer service since its founding. This simply has not been my experience with Delta. Just over a year ago I flew over 10,000 miles in Australia. I chose to… Continue reading

Pano: Inside the 3rd Floor of Fort Point

When my sistoid unit was visiting, we went to Fort Point (which is located under the Golden Gate Bridge) three different times. No, it wasn’t that she was that into it. The first time we went the weather was perfect for photos. I just didn’t have my camera. The second time, the fort was completely fogged in, but I shot… Continue reading