Peachtree Road Race

Atlanta Visit Comes to an End: Stories from the South

Peachtree Road RaceAdvice: This post deals with the very serious subject of suicide in a very flippant way. If you have a sensitivity to this issue, you should not read this post.

This visit to Atlanta was longer than most because the 4th of July Peachtree Road Race fell midweek. So, I’ve been here since Saturday and am heading back to California this afternoon. The social calendar was booked. We loved catching up with many long-time friends and unexpectedly running into dear friends as well.

The trip also has had some very quotable moments. I thought I would share a few.

Story One
One dear friend, the actual reason for this specific visit, loves to talk. He reminds me a lot of my late great aunt, Aunt Easter, who was the greatest story-teller I’ve ever known. Bill is an awesome story teller too. He was recounting a story of a recent airline trip in which the flight attendant told him to shut up and sit down when he was complaining that he and his wife were not given a seat in the class of service for which they paid.

You don’t tell me to shut up. I like to talk!”

And, as those who know and love Bill all know, does he ever love to talk!

Story Two
We were out with a realtor exploring some investment properties. He knows everybody who’s anybody in Atlanta. Some of the fabulous stories he told are just not suitable for my blog. (I especially wish I could tell the back end of the story/letter recently published in the AJC about the escapades of some of Atlanta’s wealthiest Piedmont Driving Club family members’ very badly behaved sons! But even the AJC left their names out of the letter. Just too much money. Too much power.)

But we did hear this charming southern account that is suitable for retelling:

I hadn’t seen her in quite a while. And, well, you know… There’s just no delicate way to put it: she’s never been a [pregnant pause] small girl. And I couldn’t tell if she was pregnant or not. Well, I certainly wasn’t going to ask. Then, suddenly, she just blurted it out, ‘You can tell I’m pregnant, can’t you!’ I mean, what do you say at a time like that?!”

Story Three
Same source. Different story.

And there was that unfortunate situation at 1010 where that man jumped off the balcony from the 35th floor, feet first! He landed right in front of this poor black woman walking down the sidewalk. She was so traumatized by it, she sued his estate for emotional distress. I mean, he collapsed like an accordion right in front of her eyes.”

Story Four
And then, last night at dinner, there was Josh’s expounding on how much he loathed running, a sport he just recently took up. His excited protestations were emphatically punctuated with dramatic gestures of disgust, loathing and all but moral outrage which instantly transformed into exalted exuberance as he began describing his running ensemble–with the exception of his running shoes, which, to his great dismay, did not match the ensemble itself!

Today was his first Peachtree!

Congratulations, Josh! I’m sure you looked fabulous, shoes and all!

The Peachtree Road Race is not on my bucket list.