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Why I Oppose ObamaCare

List who care about your opinionHere’s why I am against the healthcare law that the US Supreme Court recently upheld, the one Mitt Romney basically passed in Massachusetts and now is against:

  • Every well-educated person in this country has a well-paying job that affords him and her access to affordable health care. This means the law is completely unnecessary.The young man I just saw standing on the street corner in the Buckhead financial district in Atlanta with a large sign saying he graduated with a 3.92 GPA and has experience in the financial sector and was seeking interviews was obviously a liar. I could tell just by looking at him. I mean, for goodness sake, he was sweating in the 99° Atlanta heat while dressed in his white shirt and tie. What a ploy!

    Besides, if anyone doesn’t have a job, it’s because of those sorry public school teacher whose jobs need to be eliminated anyway and replaced by for-profit schools to allow the market to fix the ills of public education in this country.

  • Pro-life But Against Healthcare?People only get sick as a punishment from God. Therefore, the sick people are getting what they deserve. Who am I to attempt to bypass the will of God? God always punishes the evil people and always rewards the good people. We’re among the good people, as it should be.
  • As I mentioned earlier, Mitt Romney passed virtually an identical law in the state of Massachusetts, and by the time he was no longer governor, the state had to lay off numerous teachers and public service workers, lost jobs, and was 47th in the USA for job creation. Obviously, this is all a direct result of the healthcare reform he implemented. He learned from his mistake, and now he wisely opposes healthcare reform.
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) clearly stated this week that the 30,000,000 people in the USA who have no insurance at all, the ones this law would provide insurance are not the issue. Mitch knows best. He looks so kind and gentle
  • US corporations are literally sitting on record profits. (Yes, Apple, Inc., I know you are among them! I’m watching your sorry ass!) One can have not doubt that this money will eventually trickle down to those without healthcare. What’s the rush?
  • Next year senior citizens on fixed incomes would not have to do without medications because they fall into the “donut hole” and can’t afford their medications. We don’t owe these lazy old people anything. Make them get off their sorry asses and go to work until they drop dead.
  • The healthcare corporations will have to issue checks to every customer at the end of this year. The average check will be for $150 because the corporation spent less than 80% of their customer’s premiums on their actual healthcare. This limits the profit incentive for the industry and requires them to needlessly spend their customer’s premiums on healthcare and not bonuses and vacation plans to attract the brightest and best minds into the industry.
  • It’s often referred to as ObamaCare. I don’t want Obama to get credit for anything that actually helps people.

Jon Stewart IgnoranceSo these are just a few of the reasons I think we need Mitt Romney in the White House. He has said that on day one he would repeal the law. He would still provide all of the provisions of the law to everyone, he says, but would eliminate the mandate that pays for it all. But then, he has said a lot of things and changed his mind. Who knows what he would do. I just know it would be the right thing.