Oral-B Pulsar Toothbrush Head

Dear @OralB,

Oral-B ToothbrushOral-B Pulsar Toothbrush HeadYes, I know it’s technically Oral-B with a dash, but Twitter doesn’t allow dashes, and I want Oral-B to get my little blog post. They have a Twitter account. Hi guys!

I have been using the Oral-B battery powered Pulsar toothbrush for years now. I love it! I especially like the rubbery filaments in the brush head. I love how it vibrates, getting my teeth what consistently feels like extra clean.

But I have a serious suggestion for the design team: make the battery actually replaceable!

You simply can not get a dead battery out without damaging the electrical connector. After replacing the dead battery with a fresh one, the metal power clip will not make contact; therefor, the toothbrush can not switch to the on position. A couple of YouTube videos show some solutions. The one at the bottom appears to actually work. But good grief! He lost me when he started talking about counting down 12 rungs and stabbing my toothbrush with an X-acto knife.

Oral-B Pulsar Opened Battery Compartment

But, come on, guys! Give us a helping hand: design the battery mechanism so I can replace a dead battery. The brush head far outlives the battery! I’m trying to reduce my plastic footprint and also have good oral hygiene at the same time.