A Personal Geek Moment

GeekMost people will want to skip this post, especially my mother.

This is a note to myself about the parameters for the SlideShow Pro Director embed code. (SSP)

I use SSP so sporadically, that I can never remember where to find the API parameters or even the names of the parameters I most frequently access. Here is the link to all of the API parameters.

This is the embed code I most frequently add to or change in the player, starting with the width and height. These numbers allow the player to fit comfortably inside the main section of a post using the Continuum Theme.

width: 584,
height: 414

And, I add or change the highlighted flash parameters.

flashvars: {
 xmlFilePath: "keep this the same",
 paramXMLPath: "pay attention to the style's address",
 displayMode: "Manual",
 videoAutoStart: "Off",
 audioAutoStart: "Off",
 audioPause: "On",
 audioLoop: "On",
 textStrings:"Previous Screen,Next Screen,Screen,of,No caption,No title,Playing,Paused,Audio controls (Audio will automatically start/stop using the Play button below.)",
 navLinkActiveColor: "000000",
 transitionPause: 2

The remaining embed code works fine “as is” directly from the SlideShow Pro Director Publish feature.

To see these code tweaks in action check out this slideshow of the 75th Brithday Celebration for the Golden Gate Bridge.