Golden Gate Fog Time Lapse Play Button

Time Lapse of Fog at the Golden Gate Bridge

Mid-week I went out to shoot my first time lapse here in the bay area. The sun was shining brightly in the Marin Headlands. The wind was steady, as you will see in the time lapse, and very cool. The fog was just gushing in from the Pacific Ocean.

I got fried! I must remember to use sun screen every time I go out here!

In this time lapse, not only can you see the fog moving at great speed into San Francisco, you can also occasionally get a glimpse of the rapid but thin cloud layer moving over the fog. The reason the fog is higher behind the south tower is the hill it must go over.

At any rate, see if you can tell when the camera battery ran dead, and I had to swap it out. Grrrr!

The two videos below are the exact same, though the top one is presented at a much higher data rate (meaning it should look better) from my Vimeo account. I actually think the 2400kbs version I host on my own server looks better.

Golden Gate Fog Time Lapse Play Button

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