Zoot Suit Fedora Hat

The Characters of Sausalito

Zoot Suit Fedora Hat

Just another day in Sausalito…

The Sausalito Strut
I wish you could have seen him! We were sitting in the restaurant when this young, twenty-something walked very quickly down the sidewalk outside. I couldn’t get my phone out fast enough, and he was too far away for a good photo anyway.

He was wearing a black fedora, a pristine white, longish jacket with white embroidery covering the back. (Sadly, I couldn’t make out what the pattern was.) His pants had very full, baggy legs and were hot pink–something of a zoot suit, yes actually. This was a zoot suit! His shoes were two-toned, black and white patent leather. I didn’t catch the color of his shirt in the few seconds he was facing me.

Dude looked amazing! I have no idea where he was going dressed like that, but I am certain he had plans for something of a special evening. What an energy! I wish everyone could have seen him strut his stuff!!

Whoever you were and where ever you were going: Loved, loved, loved the outfit and your courage to wear it with flare!

Walking the Dog
She was walking her dog, Bravo, at Cavallo Point. Comfortably dressed in all black, Lois wore a long, flowing, jacket-like, black fabric wrap of multiple lengths that draped comfortably to keep her warm in the cool evening air. She was in a mood to talk.

And talk we did.

She told us of two of her favorite places to walk in the headlands–places that are not on any maps, are off the beaten path, and generally only known to the locals.

We will definitely have to see if we can find them. We might run into Lois again.

She, too, was a delightful energy!

Door-to-Door Fireman
The doorbell rang. As I approached the all glass front of the house, I could see a man I recognized standing outside. He is a Sausalito fireman.

I’ve lived almost all of my life in large metropolitan areas of millions of people. I’ve had no idea where the firehouse was that protected my house in any of those cities. I’ve never met any of the firemen that protected my houses or apartments.

I’ve now lived in Sausalito for only six months, and not only do I know where the firehouse is, I’ve met 5 of the 15 firemen*, the fire chief, the city manager, one of  the city councilmen, and the former mayor. (OK, so the former mayor, a completely delightful person, is our neighbor and has been the impetus for my meeting all of these amazing people.)

For the first time, I’m seeing small town politics at work. It’s fascinating! (Vote Yes on D!)

The people of Sausalito have such an interesting, varied energy about them.

*Astoundingly, I even know the number of firemen here! I have to tell you, I’ve never really thought about how complex firefighting is, specifically: how much a firefighter has to know, in addition to being physically strong. The Sausalito firemen have to know about marine fires (because of all of the boats, yachts, boathouses, etc.), desert fires, how fires travel in densely wooded and closely populated ravines, canyons, and steep hills, the fuel tonnage the various areas of vegetation represent at different times of year, how the current weather patterns and any given micro climate will impact a fire, and on and on. I was incredibly impressed with their knowledge, training, sense of dedication to the seriousness of their work, and professionalism.