Cavallo Point Original

Location Scouting

Sausalito has an annual film festival. I went to a film last Saturday: The Big Fix. I highly recommend it, but wait until you’re in a mood to totally get enraged. It’s a documentary about the BP Gulf oil spill and horrible cover up that continues to go on to this day. The film’s directors were at the festival for Q&A. Amazing couple. Check out the movie on Facebook and put it in your cue on Netflix.

Anyway, this post is not about the movie, but about a photo I discovered on the Sausalito Film Festival’s web site when checking out the festival schedule. It’s to die for! When I saw it, I thought, “I’ve got to shoot that shot! Where in the world was it shot from?!”

Their shot was obviously shot at sunrise and during the rainy season (winter) because of the stunningly green grass/vegitation and the angle of the long morning shadows. Well, the grass is no longer nearly as green, and I doubt I can even pump it up to that degree in post. The trees are larger, and some have been added while others have been removed. But, what the heck, it’s still going to be a dynamic shot. I also noticed that the lone tree at Battery Spenser (on the other side of the 101) has been cut down–so sad. I loved that tree when I first saw it standing all courageously  and alone in 2007!

Cavallo Point Original
Click to visit the Sausalito Film Festival Site

After romping around Cavallo Point for two days, I finally found the exact location, as you can see from my iPhone shot below. This was no small task! I triangulated with the pier, the tree location on the jetty (which is difficult to see at the sizes presented here), and the right corner buildings in the curved street at Fort Baker.

It’s a stunning vantage point–well worth the hike. I’ll head out one morning before sunrise with my “real” camera gear to shoot not only the sunrise at the site, but also a 360º pano from that location. It’s a fantastic view all around! I’m always amazed at the difference a great lens, the right focal length, and great lighting make and can’t wait to shoot this. Want to take bets on how many days I’ll have to lug everything up to the location before I get the perfect morning for the shot?! I shutter to think because it’s a bit of a hike! I really need to take my heavy duty tripod because of the extreme wind conditions up there, but it’s just too far to carry something that heavy. I’ll have to hope of the best.

Cavallo Point Location
Shot with my iPhone