I See A Whale!

Heading Back to Anchorage
Heading Back to Anchorage (Photo credit: Tim Tyson)

Several years ago we were on a boating excursion out of Seward, exploring the fjords of Resurrection Bay in Alaska. It was cold, and generally hazy/foggy. One woman on the boat was drinking like there would be no tomorrow. She was very friendly and outgoing, and, as it turned out, was the first one to spot a whale. After one too many drinks, the words “I see a whale!” began flowing freely from her mouth. She probably thought she did.

Once on land, we ran into her and her travel companion in the hardware store. It was pouring rain at this point, and I needed a poncho. Upon seeing us again, she, in jest, blurted out, “You need to get your own damned vacation.”

Yesterday, Anthony, a good friend from Australia, stopped in to visit for the day. He was ending an unexpected business trip. We all went up to the headlands.

While looking out at the Pacific Ocean just north of Rodeo Cove, I saw a huge whale! At first I thought it might have been rocks that were just beneath the surface. No. This was a very large whale just off the coast heading north––the largest one I’ve seen.

She appeared several times, even blew his spout. Everyone got to see him, including the couple that were using their binoculars to look at ships. I told them they should be looking at the whale. Anthony thinks she had a baby whale with her.

Whale? What whale?! Before we were out of ear shot, we heard them yelling, “I see it! I see it!”