Sunrise over San Francisco Bay

Near Death Experience

Sunrise over San Francisco BayAfter having a consistently horrible week last week dealing with the ongoing frustrations of non-functional technology and the lack of closure on several essential, never-ending, home projects that have become non-productive time pits, I decided that at least half of today would be dedicated to being nice to Tim. My stress level last week was just outrageously through the roof. Not good.

I just got out of the indoor hot tub. It was nirvana. I barely had the energy to continue living. Total relaxation! The headache I’ve had for 5 days is gone!

Early this morning I drove/walked through several locations at the headlands. The surf was all but roaring out to the ocean, creating currents and bizarre patterns in the water from the underwater topography. The smell of the desert in the crisp, early morning moist air is intoxicating. I saw 1 fox and 7 deer and discovered some seriously gorgeous views that will require a revisit with my DSLR and some quality lenses. (The iPhone Instagram included with this post, while from this morning, is not one of the stunning locations. I hate to hear that Facebook is buying Instagram for $1 billion. I don’t at all trust Facebook and have loved Instagram!)

I ended my Tim Time by watching a couple of videos about iPhoneography–geeky, I know. With my new iPhone 4S, the camera is vastly improved; so, I’m interested in taking more pictures with it. (Lacking the clarity of great lens glass and stunning image quality/megapixels, it’s still by no means a substitute for quality photography, in my humble opinion. But it has one huge benefit: it’s always on me.)

2 thoughts on “Near Death Experience”

  1. One fox and seven deer? That’s eight small miracles in one morning. We have ten deer in our backyard but since spring they have all camouflaged themselves to look like underbrush. Suggestion- Take three minutes during a less than happy hour and Google “A Cargo of Cat”. Read Ambrose Bierce’s little nonsense piece (should pop up about numero tres) and glide back down to earth. Cheers!

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