Rush Limbaugh with cigar

Moderating My Writing

Rush Limbaugh with cigarI try to moderate what I write on my blog so as not to be rude or offensive, but…

I find Rush Limbaugh, the defacto head of the Republican party, who I normally ignore, to be an asshole!

And, within the context of my first sentence, that previous sentence is actually written with tremendous restraint on my part. His comments about Georgetown University law student, Sandra Fluke, are the vilest, most outrageously uncalled for, filth I have ever heard a public persona make about a private individual. I will not dignify his comments by even repeating them. They show his complete disdain for women. Every man and woman, Republican and Democrat, should demand he apologize (though that certainly wouldn’t change how feels in his heart) and stop supporting any business whose advertisements support his microphone.

Several advertisers  have already pulled their advertisement from Clear Channel because of this intolerable incident. This household, for one, will not do business with any company that continues to advertise with Clear Channel. Voice your stance! Shut this man’s vile mouth. Send emails or call.

Clear Channel Communications (parent company of Premiere Radio Networks, Inc.)
200 Basse Road
San Antonio TX 78209
Phone 1-210-822-2828

The advertisers on Clear Channel: (Those in bold italics have already suspended their advertising as a result of this outrageous incident.)

  • Lowry Mays, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer [email protected]
  • Mark Mays President and Chief Operating Officer [email protected]
  • Randall Mays, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer [email protected]
  • Lisa Dollinger, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communication Public Relations [email protected] [email protected]
  • Quicken Loans – confirmed sponsor 1050 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 48226 Client Relations – (800) 863-4332 and: (800) 251-9080 also: you can chat online
  • Century 21 Real Estate LLC – confirmed sponsor International Headquarters 1 Campus Drive Parsippany, NJ 07054 Web contact form
  • ProFlowers Email Web contact form Sales or Service: 1-800-580-2913 Phone: 800.580.2913
  • eharmony 300 N. Lake Ave., Suite 1111 Pasadena, CA 91101 [email protected] Web contact form Email 626.795.4814 FAX 626.585.4040
  • CARBONITE, Inc. 617-587-1100 177 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 [email protected] Direct Dial Office: 617-587-1100 EXT:1115
  • Sleep Number Bed Select Comfort Corporation – confirmed and long-time advertiser 6105 Trenton Lane N Minneapolis, MN 55442 Phone: 763-551-7000 Fax: 763-551-7826 800-438-2233 [email protected]
  • Oreck Upright Vacuum Cleaners Oreck Corporation 100 Plantation Road New Orleans, Louisiana 70123 Online contact form 800-289-5888
  • Mid-West Life Insurance Company of Tennessee 9151 Grapevine Hwy. North Richland Hills, TX 76180 Phone (800) 733-1110 (web banner ads on
  • AutoZone Inc. 901-495-7185; Fax: 901-495-8374 P.O. Box 2198, Memphis, TN 38101 [email protected]
  • – confirmed and long-time advertiser 800-773-0888; Fax: 323-962-8300 Site has a Web Form
  • Citrix Online (GoToMyPC) 6500 Hollister Avenue, Goleta, CA 93117 Phone: 805-690-6400; Fax: 805-690-6471 [email protected]
  • American Forces Network Contact Us:
  • Mission Pharmacal Company 10999 IH-10 West Suite 1000 P.O. Box 786099 San Antonio, TX 78278-6099 Telephone: (800) 531-3333 Bennett Kennedy – Citracal Product Manager
  • Life Quotes, Inc. 32045 Castle Court Evergreen, CO 80439 1-800-670-5433 [email protected]

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