Vintage Style (Old Convertible Volkswagen Beetle)

My Weekend Instagrams

What an awesome weekend with nothing to do related to moving!!! Tim Likes!

So, off we went exploring the headlands area within just a mile or two of the house. It’s sooo awesome! Hiking trails are everywhere. Miles and miles of gorgeous, never-to-be-developed wilderness!!

Unfortunately, my Instagram app somehow lost its connection with Facebook, and I didn’t realize this until just before my last picture. So, here are the pictures I shot yesterday and today that didn’t get posted to Facebook. (All, of course, were shot on the iPhone 4‘s very lame camera.)

Point Bonita Lighthouse
Point Bonita Lighthouse (Click to see location.)


And from yesterday:

Ship Under Golden Gate
Ship Under Golden Gate (Click to see location.)


The Gorgeous Headlands
The Gorgeous Headlands (Click to see the location.)


Gates of Gold (Golden Gate Bridge)
Gates of Gold (Click to see location.)


And my favorite shot from yesterday:

Vintage Style (Old Convertible Volkswagen Beetle)
Vintage Style (Click to see location.)