Nametag Sistoid Unit

Special Names for Siblings & Pets

Nametag Sistoid UnitDo you or any of your siblings have special names for the other–I mean, names that can be repeated in public?

For example, I’ve mentioned from time to time that I have always called my sister “The Sistoid Unit.” I have no idea why or when I started doing that, it’s just been that way for what seems forever. Amazingly, if you google “Sistoid Unit,” apparently the term only appears on the entire world wide web on my blog, numerous times at that.

Steve’s brother has had several names he used to call him through the years. The names include:

  • The Appliance (my favorite one)
  • The Chinese Laundry Man, and
  • Kutzer putzer # 4382091 (I have no idea what this is. It doesn’t even appear anywhere on the world wide web!)

I’ve also had, through the years, odd names for pets. For example, Conrad the Kat has been frequently referred to as “The Animaux Sauvage,” even on this blog.

So, if you have any special names, suitable for sharing in the general public, feel free to post them in a comment. If the names are “beyond the pale,” you can share them in an email.