FeetIn my efforts to be in better shape, I committed to walking more, and not just “walking,” but power-walking, walking quickly to burn some calories. Once I can do that without having to dial 911, I’ll start riding my bike–which is currently in storage because of the move.

I discovered a really cool little iPhone app: Runmeter. It updates my Twitter account, Facebook status, and even talks to me throughout the walk, giving me distance, time, and calorie information. I really like it! It uploads my route to dailymile.com and even has a WordPress blog widget.

RunmeterAdditionally, I discovered that I much prefer to walk while listening to music on my iPhone! Doing so greatly impacts my pace. I was surprised at what a difference a slow song in the rotation will make.

Only, I’ve had one problem: my walking shoes are in storage! I have been wearing my regular casual shoes and have learned they are not suitable for walking at a brisk clip. I have a huge blister between my little toe and forth toe.

So, after a brief attempt at exercise, I’ve had to call it off until my foot heals.