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Horrid Service Experience @mediatemple

mediatemple logoVenting…

I host my blog @mediatemple. I have been generally satisfied with their service, but have had issues with the speed of their servers. Their telephone customer support has always been helpful… until today!

I got an email yesterday telling me that the thumb.php file used in many WordPress themes had been exploited. Since my theme used this executable file, mediatemple had disabled it on their server. What they failed to mention was that the way they went about disabling the file ripped my blog to pieces!

I lost all of the customized settings as well as the appearance of my blog. Setting it back up took a good 2 hours today. When I went to update the thumb.php file, mediatemple had locked me out of the folder that contained the file. I couldn’t do anything to address their concern. I had to call them.

The tech support, John P., was all but impossible to work with and frustrated the hell out of me! 

Instead of helping me correct the problem he spent a good five minutes repeatedly lecturing me about why they did what they had done and about keeping their system secure as if this whole issue were somehow my fault. He went as far as to say that “as a one time courtesy [to me], he would help me correct this problem!!!” That totally pissed me off! Mediatemple locks me out of a folder in my server space, blows up my blog in the process, and then tries to tell me how lucky I am that they will help me fix the mess they made?! What the hell?!

He put me on hold for several minutes. When he returned, he began the lecture again. I couldn’t stand it. I interrupted him saying, “How and why we got here are irrelevant to me at this point. I want to focus our time on correcting the issue.”

He continued blabbering on and on. I interrupted him again, “I feel like you are giving me the run around and are doing nothing to correct the fact that I can’t open the folder that contains the file that you claim is a security risk.” He then stated that he was replacing all 20 instances of the file in my server space.

I asked him how long it takes to replace a single instance of that file: 3 seconds? If there were 20 instances of the file, that should only take 1 minute; yet, you have been talking about this issue for over 10 minutes, and I still can’t get into the folder that controls my site theme! I want a resolution.

He interrupted me to day, “I’m trying to tell you it’s done.” But, of course, it wasn’t. I still couldn’t get into the folder! Incompetence!

John P. needs to go back to customer service school!

2 thoughts on “Horrid Service Experience @mediatemple”

  1. Hey there Tim,
    I wanted to apologize again for your less than stellar experience. I can see that we disappointed you this time and my hope is that I’ll be reading more posts like “Thank Goodness for Media Temple” in the future. I know that you spoke with Miguel this morning. I hope the call went well & your concerns were eased. We’ll do better!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I hope you saw my follow up post about how quickly mediatemple reached out and addressed my concerns. If not, you can check it out at this url. Thanks again.

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