Conrad in Marin

Rainy Days and Sundays…

RainIn the few days since I’ve been in northern California, I think I’ve seen more rain than I saw in Manhattan Beach all year! I actually don’t mind it. I missed “weather” in southern California. I actually looked up the stats: more than twice as much rain here per year, and most of it falls in the winter.

The locals refer to the various “micro-climates” that abound in this area because of the geology (mudflats, hills, mountains, canyons), ocean, and wind patterns. I’ve already distinctly seen various areas with their micro-climates. It’s actually pretty nifty.

Conrad in MarinConrad seems to be adjusting to his new temporary digs with ease. He enjoys spending much of his day waiting for the deer to show up.

Additionally, the iBeast traveled north without any issues, only yowling to be let out of his little cat carrier for the first 15 minutes. When I opened the top, he popped his head out, watched a semi go by and a car or two and then decided he had a good life in his comfy little pad and ducked back into it. During the entire drive he only popped his head out a couple more times for a few minutes.

I had no idea how flat most of the trip from the south bay to the north bay would be. And while I knew California is known for its agriculture, I didn’t anticipate driving hundreds of miles through irrigated farm lands.