San Francisco Golden Gate Sunset

Crazy, Busy Times

San Francisco Golden Gate SunsetYes, I’ve not been attentive to my blog because life has been very, very busy. This past extended weekend was spent in the San Francisco Bay Area house shopping. Five strong contenders have been selected.

The house here is now officially sold.  That was a really unusual process, let me assure you. The buyer saw the house before the sign ever went up and within about 4 hours of the house actually officially going on the market!

Now, the next step is negotiating a deal to purchase one of the five houses, any of which would be wonderful. In fact, picking the house on which to make an offer was extremely difficult, and I mean extremely! The offer is out there. If this deal doesn’t work out, the second choice would be perhaps even more stunning than the first. More details after all things are set in stone.

Next week the movers do their initial survey.