Boucheron Deodorant pour Homme

Please, Tell Me It’s Not So!

Boucheron Deodorant pour Homme
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My favorite men’s fragrance for the past 94.3 years has been Boucheron for men.  I’ve worn it forever.  It’s the only cologne I wear.  I’ve even blogged about it as far back as July, 2004, about when this blog first began!  (It’s no. 84 in the list of 100 Things About Me.)

In 2009, my favorite deodorant ceased production (I blogged about that trauma here.), and I switched to the deodorant from Boucheron.  Though traumatized by Gillette‘s no longer making ClearGel Cool Wave Deodorant, I was very pleased with Boucheron as a replacement.

Yesterday I went to Nordstroms, the only store near here that carries Boucheron, otherwise, I’d never step foot in the place.  Not only were they out, they said they no longer stock the deodorant at all!

Gasping for breath, I took to the internet to find it.  It wasn’t even to be found on the Boucheron website in Paris, where the company is!  I sent an email to Paris.

O Dear God, No!!!

They have stopped making it!

Now I have to go searching for another stick deodorant I like, which is no small task as everyone makes anti-perspirant/deodorant and not just plain deodorant.  I have to find one that will not stain my shirts.  And then I have to find it in a travel size to appease our ridiculous government.  This is worse than Pluto being booted out of club planet!

Gnashing my teeth while running rabid in the streets…