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Another AppleTV Bites the Dust

AppleTV IconI have long lamented the AppleTV product line as I’ve had an unspeakable amount of trouble from the ones in this house. After what seems like dozens of calls to @Apple over the months, I finally got someone who was sharp and went through a logical troubleshooting process. Well, it turns out that the issue is caused by the router configuration we have here. It’s a long, complicated and tortuously technical explanation; so I won’t go into it. At least I now know what the issue is. I don’t know how to resolve the problem unless @Verizon provides a router with more ports. They won’t.  Lovely.

But the older generation AppleTV also seems to have another issue: really crappy component parts. I’ve never had component parts go bad in any television or stereo equipment I’ve ever had. Maybe I’ve just been lucky? But last night one of the AppleTVs here had a hardware failure. This is the second one that did this. The TV screen starts adding hideous green random blotches all over it making the picture unwatchable.

This AppleTV had always worked without any issues on the home network. I was sad to see it suddenly die.

I replaced it with the new AppleTV 2. I like it. It’s small and, with home sharing activated, does almost everything the old AppleTV would do with a few nice additions. The only thing I see I’ve lost is the ability to purchase content on the device itself, which has no hard drive. (I suspect this is part of Apple’s long term cloud strategy—force everyone into their cloud.)

The enhancements I’ve found thus far include the addition of Netflix–love ’em (and several other content providers that I don’t use), an improved way of displaying photo content, air streaming from my iPhone and the iPads, and the ability to put the device to sleep.

I just hope that this AppleTV doesn’t have the same cheap components that seem to burn out so rediculously quickly. I purchased AppleCare just in case.  I’ve never had a product that I both loved and hated so much, both at the same time!